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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bernard J. Turnock, MD MPH, guest lectured

Week Ending 10/22/2010
                This week, Bernard J. Turnock, MD MPH,  guest lectured on his experiences working in various public health departments.  It was fascinating to hear of his experiences and all the forces at play while he was Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. (  Wednesday I attended the Chicago Board of Health and heard about the different projects they are overseeing including smoke-free housing and teen pregnancy, as well as a presentation on breast cancer disparities amongst women in Chicago.  We also had our second Epi midterm this week.  I think the test went fine but it really made me feel like the semester is coming to an end so quickly! 
This week in my global health class, we discussed women and maternal health.  The presentations were interesting- discussing fistulas, forced sterilization, and adolescent marriages.  When thinking of issues in the global context it is interesting to think of the recurring themes of many of the same issues facing different health problems- education, access, financial, research, etc.  We have also been working on a variety of group projects for different classes- it is fun to combine the ideas of many and I think it has been made so much easier with easy access to technology.