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Friday, September 10, 2010

After my third week at UIC, I am really feeling comfortable

Week Ending 9/10/10
                After my third week at UIC, I am really feeling comfortable there and with all of my classes.  I am not as shy about participating or anxious as to what is expected.  There really is an environment of cooperative learning and respect of all the different experiences that shape everyone’s opinions.   I have spent this week mainly focused on my classes.   This week in my global health class we discussed the relationship between health and economics.  One aspect of this discussion was about how much money goes into many different interventions that haven’t been able to be sustained in many areas that need the most development.  It also brought up how some policies and interventions may actually inhibit growth, development, and self-sufficiency.  It is so important to remember that good intentions don’t always translate into good results and what works some places may not be beneficial everywhere.
 One of the difficulties I find with my classes is the online epidemiology class.  I am realizing that I really value a traditional lecture setting.  I find listening to a person lecture about a topic and watching them work through problems step by step goes well with my style of learning so I have to adapt to the online learning experience and work a little harder to learn the material. 
                  As far as my project on my trip to Ghana goes, I began working on the interview questions so that I can apply for IRB approval next week through National.   The audiology team (on which I am working primarily) met this week to begin to divide supplies for packing, learn new testing techniques, refresh skills for making ear molds, and make lists of things we still need.