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Friday, September 3, 2010

Classes are in full swing now! -- week ending 09/03/2010

Week Ending 9/3/10

                Classes are in full swing now!  We have had many assignments, quizzes, and been assigned our groups.  I am enjoying classes because everyone is from such different backgrounds that every discussion has many perspectives - I am learning new things constantly.  I am excited for the group projects to begin so I can get to know some of the other students better and learn from them as well.  Also, many seminars are starting to be announced and I hope to attend some of those in future weeks.
                I have began the literature search for my project (global health knowledge, attitudes and practice towards complementary and alternative medicine and chiropractic – click here to see a basic PubMed search on the topic),  but feel there is so much more information to find and read.  Additionally, I have been reading on qualitative methods to best learn how to conduct my project and how I can begin to analyze the data when I return from my trip.  My mentor, Dr. Nadine Peacock, and I were not able to meet this week, but I am continuing with the plan we devised last session and hopefully will be able to move forward next week.